Our agency consists of speaking experts within business and health. With the expansion of the OLS agency we're excited to announce and provide you with some of our celebrity guest speakers. 


Notre agence est composée d'experts experts en affaires et santé. Avec l'expansion de l'agence OLS, nous sommes ravis d'annoncer et de vous fournir certains de nos conférenciers invités célèbres.



Michael Challenger Founder / CEO

His passion for the arts lead him to perform internationally in such acclaimed broadway musicals as Chicago, The Lion King, and The Producers.

With a successful acting career and a wealth of life experience, Michael began focusing his energy on helping and empowering others. As the author of the best selling book, “Don’t Let Fear Paralyze You”, he created Optimal Living Summit: Toronto’s premiere wellness agency to continue his life’s mission.

As the founder of OLS, Michael conducts and facilitates workshops designed to improve your overall state of wellness and help you transform your life, optimally!

Follow along with him @Michaelchallenger to learn more!

Christina Marie Moss Head of Sales

Christina is a mother of two, world traveller, and self proclaimed foodie. She spends her days supporting the OLS team in Sales, while supporting her family at home. She is active in the community, volunteering with her children’s school in their reading program and in various organizations that support parents with Premature Babies. She is currently on a mission of re-discovery and is excited to be able to bring her perspective as a Mother and Woman to The Optimal Living Summit Team

Daisy Zamarripa Public Relations

Daisy is a bilingual creative (Spanish and English) She came to Canada by the age of 19, to pursue her professional career and dreams. Not only is she hardworking and passionate, she's  believes in making a difference within  society and the world. Some of her favourite things in life are video production, jiu jitsu and animals. Her journey with Optimal is to provide a voice to young woman dealing with bodies issues and helping people one by one.   

Gail Racanelli

Gail is a co-coordinator of the Optimal Living Retreat Tobago 2021.  An Author of an up coming book about health/wellness in the entertainment sector,  and runs a multiple six figure income earning business  partnered with Isagenix International, a Billion Dollar Health and Wellness Company.  She empowers an international
team of over 10,000 members and is the co-founder of a global online live weekly event called Live Out Loud

Alana Yip - Hoi

Alana is the co-coordinator of the "Optimal Living Retreat Tobago 2021.  Alana brings to the table over 30 years experience in the music industry. Alana is also a special project manager for Faze Magazine (largest Canadian magazine for teens).

Izabela Mattner

Izabela is our health and wellness specialist for all overseas retreats and travel concerns. For more information, refer to our contact page.

Ontario Registration No: 50012875

Tanicia Reedon

Tancia's passion to become a Doula came to her at the age of 13 when her mother was pregnant with her sister. Experiencing first hand the ups and downs that flowed from pregnancy to birth (…and beyond), cemented her desire to care for mom and babies. After (literally) bumping into a midwifery student on the TTC one day she realized she could turn her passion into a career. Wellness is not a trendy word to Tanicia, it is an act of self-love and self-care, which is what propelled her to become a wellness coach. Being part of the OLS Community is such an honour!



Youth Program Facilitator 

Samantha Van



Personal Trainer / Yoga Instructor / Model


Youth Program Facilitator 




Personal Trainer / Yoga Instructor / Model


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