Finding Balance in February by Daxa Chauhan

We are a month into the new year, and so many of us feel the stresses of life.

Many of us have had to pivot our way of working, be it in the house with our family, building our businesses, or working in our remote offices. Even if you have returned to work, you may be feeling like the large majority that your work/life balance is gone. We are spending more hours working, and we have increased responsibilities at work and no decrease in our duties at home. Living this unbalanced life is not healthy, and it affects all of your areas of wellness. Ask yourself: are you spending enough time focusing on the people and things you love? Are you spending enough time focusing on YOU?

Here are three tips on how to find that work/balance and decrease your stress:

1. Realize you cannot do it all
You are only one person. It is not up to you to solve everyone's problems. It is ok to say NO when you feel like you are taking on too much, it is ok to say NO. Permit yourself to say no. No one has the physical or mental capacity to take it all on. The easiest way to tell someone is, "I am sorry, but I cannot take that on right now."

2. Permit yourself to unplug
We are so connected to our phones, tablets, laptops that we never give ourselves time to unplug from our work commitments. You likely have your work email attached to your phone, and as things come in, you are checking it - even after hours and on weekends. Turn off your notifications on weekends. Put the phone down. Permit yourself to unplug. It can wait until you get back. |

3. Prioritize your health 
Your physical, emotional and mental wellness should be your priority. No one will take care of you as best as you can take care of yourself. Overworking and not taking a break prevents you from healing and may affect your productivity and increase the days you need off in the future. You don't have to make considerable changes in your life, but make sure you're taking a few minutes each day to breathe and take a minute to be.  

If you're looking for a short meditation to take a break, Daxa Chauhan from the Optimal Living Summit Team has a fantastic meditation by CLICKING HERE.


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