Spotlight on Lucia Newland

Our superstar of the day is Lucia Newland!


Our supporters mean the world to us and we would like to shine our first spotlight on the woman who made it happen from day one!

Lucia Newland

Lucia Newland is a beautiful mother of four and has been mistaken as superwoman on many occasions. Her vibrant smile and ora illuminates a room and anyone who encounters her simply loves her. The type of love she gives to the Optimal Living Community is outstanding and it's time to thank her in front of all of you. A woman who constantly works on herself and uses her professional time to educate children.

Ladies and gentleman, Lucia Newland!

Thank you, Lucia, for all of your hard work and love, you're a true example on how to live optimally and stand up for the important things in life. We can't wait to further the journey with you and create a necessary movement within the world.

Peace and Love.



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