Optimal Living Summit Wellness Retreat 
November 8 to 11, 2022

 Spa-Eastman, Eastman, Québec

If you're ready to lean into your fierce, and attract the things you want to achieve, then join us for this powerful and inspiring retreat where you are going to come away with tools to clear out your fearful perceptions and shift them back to a loving perspective on life. 

Take the time to reconnect, recharge and renew during this memorable all-inclusive wellness retreat. 









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Unspoiled traditions, untouched natural beauty, and undiscovered gems merge together to create an experience that will help unlock your true potential.

Indulge in a truly transformational retreat amongst the untamed beauty of nature.

This spiritual sanctuary and Canadian oasis can help heal your body from the stresses and anxieties of life.

This euphoric experience gives you permission to begin the process of letting go of unwanted fears, clear out any fearful perceptions and become unstoppable.

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Relax, renew and reconnect with yourself.

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Wouldn’t it feel amazing to let go of all of your fears and be unstoppable?

On this retreat, we will use a "face your fears technique",  a cleansing ceremony, coaching sessions with the best-selling author of ”Don’t Let Fear Paralyze you” so you can clear out fearful perceptions and begin the process of letting go of unwanted fears and becoming unstoppable.

Wouldn’t it feel great to drop the stress and anxiety from all the pressures in your life?

That’s just what you’re going to do! On this retreat, through gentle mindful moment, deep meditation, and invigorating natural adventures, you’ll release the stress and reboot your energy so you can return home feeling calm, centred and awesomely alive!


How wonderful would it be to gain the understanding and skills you need to heal the past traumas?

While we’re together, through personalized one-on-one coaching and spirited group sharing, you’ll gain the tools you need to shift those feelings with honesty, confidence and grace so that you can drop the burdens of the past and express more peace, freedom and joy in all that you do.

Can you imagine how relieved and happy you’ll be to know you’re really present and uplifting around your loved ones?

Presence is what it’s all about! During our journey, through guided meditations, special ceremonies and grounding communion with nature,  we will take you deep into your body and soul, where you’ll merge with your own powerful, rooted presence that will engage and uplift your loved ones, whenever you’re around! 

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By the end of this retreat, you will learn strategies of giving yourself permission to relax, release past hurts, anxieties and fears, and gain the tools to make those wanted changes in your life. You will be able to better handle tragedy, adversity, depression, stress and anxiety from a calmer, more centred place so you are clear on exactly what you need to live your best life! 

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We'll be staying at Spa Eastman located in Eastman, Quebec - just one hour east of Montreal. 

Located on 326 acres with an incredible view of Mont Orford, the Spa Eastman is a bona fide vacation spa. With its seven pavilions for accommodation, its 15 kilometres of nature hiking trails, its gardens, and picture-perfect scenery, you’ll feel instantly at home.

The local flora and fauna are the perfect environment for the Centre’s activities, and the air, water, and land come together to create a memorable setting.

Renew in this serene natural sanctuary, an award-winning spa, and gourmet culinary offerings.

We will be spending three incredible days enjoying the wonderful culture, history, food, music and charm of this modernly classic resort. 

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The Optimal Living Summit Wellness Retreat allows you to tune out and delve into a short break to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. 

Daily morning movement* with the intention of connecting to the source of trust.

Drum Bath* brings sound to the soul while connecting with your subconscious mind. Using sound vibrations from multiple instruments and frequencies puts the mind and body in a deeply meditative and restful state. 

Group Hypnotherapy* experiences a deep calm and focuses on the consciousness to help you take control of your life.

Soothe the soul* and remove blocked energy with Reiki sessions. Work towards healing, alleviating suffering and rewriting the story of self-love.

Thermotherapy Experience of alternating between hot and cold water, a long-recognized therapy in many countries.

Outdoor heated baths of the Eastman-Les-Bains, experience two outdoor spas to relax and reconnect with yourself.

Identifying, acknowledging, and honouring your purpose is perhaps the most important action. Through journaling, profound meditations and discovery sessions*, you can develop a rich personal sense of meaning and your unique purpose in life.

Finally, face your fear, acknowledge where it came from and set it free.

And much more!

* NOTE: The Optimal Living Summit Team exclusively provides these offerings.


An unusual culinary experience, colourful, tasty and energizing, designed to please the most discerning palate is what you will get at Spa Eastman. At Spa Eastman, they believe in the importance of diet on health and happiness. Their principles are based on scientific research that we chose to incorporate into their kitchen to provide a beneficent dining experience, without sacrificing taste nor pleasure.

The result is delicious food that provides energy and vitality to the body and satisfies the most particular gourmet.   

Your retreat includes all meals. Dining preferences will be honoured with our dining plan, so you don't have to worry or go hungry. 

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