5 Ways to Use Food as Medicine


Using whole, healthy foods can act as medicine to protect and heal your body while providing fuel and boosting your immune system. Using food as medicine starts by changing your mindset and your approach to food from "restriction" to "introduction" of an abundance of the right foods. Here are five ways to use food as medicine:


1. Cultivate mindful eating habits.

In addition to simply paying attention to what you consume, it’s also important to note that how you eat also affects your food’s medicinal effects. We know your life is busy, and it’s not always possible to focus on mindful, relaxed eating. So try this: name three things you are grateful for before eating and try to take the time to enjoy and savour the foods you eat.


2. Seek out medicinal foods.

According to Ayurveda, foods that are raw, fresh, locally sourced, and organic contain high amounts of prana or vital life force. When you eat high pranic foods, you take in some of the natural healing intelligence of that food.


3. Eat naturally intelligent foods

A good rule of thumb is to focus your grocery shopping around the perimeter of the store since this is where the fresh foods are usually kept. Seek out whole grains as much as possible and avoid white flour and sugars. You should be familiar with the ingredients listed on a package. The fewer ingredients, the better. Try this: choose fruits and vegetables that are in season. Support local growers and farmers, or better yet – plant your own garden!


4. Eat foods according to your Dosha type

The heart of Ayurveda is the concept of three dynamic principles of governing the body, mind, and consciousness. These principles are called doshas. Understanding your expression of the doshas is the clue or map to discovering foods and a lifestyle that will balance you.


5. Listen to your body to find the right foods for you

Just because a food is known to provide certain benefits doesn’t necessarily mean it will do the same for you. You are unique, and it’s essential to be patient and flexible when on this journey. It’s important to get to know yourself and rely on your gut, and how your body reacts to certain foods when it comes to determining what you need.


To learn more about using food as medicine to protect and heal your body, mind, and consciousness


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