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Balance is something many of us often don’t consider on a day-to-day basis. Now more than ever, it’s so important to consistently check in with ourselves and achieve that much-needed wellness. But what exactly is the balance?

Balance is the overall current state of your mind and body and learning how to live a life with joy, fulfillment, and optimal health experience. We have to start looking at ourselves on a deeper level for us to make these changes within ourselves. Balance is such an important aspect of our overall mental and physical wellness. In essence, when all the areas (or pillars) of wellness are fulfilled, we will have a true life balance.

These pillars of wellness to create balance in your life consists of:

  • Occupational Wellness
  • Financial Wellness
  • Social Wellness
  • Environmental Wellness
  • Physical Wellness
  • Spiritual and Emotional Wellness
  • Intellectual Wellness

By focusing on all these areas of wellness and acknowledging how they are connected will allow you to achieve an optimal life. These 8 areas will take you on your journey towards a more balanced life, develop healthy habits which decreasing anxiety and stress. They truly are the 8 Steps to Wellness.

We want to take you on a journey of learning about wellness and balance and how to achieve it, develop healthier relationships with others and yourself, healthy habits to decrease anxiety and stress, and building a life of enjoying work and play. Come with us on The 8 Steps to Wellness Online Retreat. An online retreat that has been created to guide you towards that healthy lifestyle you’ve always wanted to achieve and didn’t know where to start. 

We are so excited to invite you to our Webinar to learn more about this experience.  Join our host Michael Challenger, Founder and CEO of Optimal Living Summit on April 22 at 7 pm EDT/4 pm PDT  for the 8 Steps to Wellness Online Retreat: Interactive Webinar.  Learn more about the 8 Steps to Wellness Online Retreat while we discuss wellness, self-care, and achieving true life balance.  

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By registering for this webinar you will also receive your Passport to Wellness, an interactive workbook created to ensure you’re on the right path. Make sure you have this with you during the webinar!

We can’t wait to start this journey with you! See you then!


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