A Deeper Sense of Self: A Look at Spiritual & Emotional Wellness

Over the last (almost) year and a half, people have started to pay more attention to their spirituality and emotional wellbeing. There has been a significant focus on mental health, self-care, and wellbeing.  But what does spirituality mean? And how does that affect our emotional and mental health?

Spiritual wellness is about realizing that there is something greater than yourself and having a sense of morals, values, principles and beliefs that guide you and provide you with a purpose in life. They also show your actions and decision-making.

Emotional wellness is about taking care of yourself. It is about self-love and self-care, relaxing and decreasing stress. It is about developing inner strength and confidence, often tied into your spiritual wellness and values. Emotional wellness is also about knowing that you are always learning and growing.

While spirituality is a broad concept with room for many perspectives, in general, it includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves, and it typically involves a search for meaning in life. Some people describe spirituality as sacred. Others say it is a deep sense of aliveness and interconnectedness. It is important to know that it is different for everyone. Here are some examples of daily practices you can incorporate into your life to help you deeper, discover your true self and achieve balance in your mental and emotional wellness.

Gratitude Journaling: Each night, reflect on your day and write one thing you are grateful for and why. For example, I am grateful for my home because I have a safe space to come back to each day".  This will allow you to focus on how much good you have, and you will start to realize that the Universe is on your side.

Meditation: Many people say that meditation is excellent for your mental health by decreasing stress and anxiety, but it also allows you to focus and improve your self-awareness. Optimal Living Summit offers a free 30-minute meditation with Daxa Chauhan. Register by clicking HERE.

Going for a walk:  Even something as simple as taking a few minutes to walk outside with nature and be one with your thoughts can significantly benefit your wellness. It gives you time to breathe, focus your mind, and forget about the stresses of the day.

When you start to do daily practices for your spiritual and emotional wellness, you will begin to develop an inner peace that shines through naturally. Others will start to recognize you, for you. They will begin to see you, feel your aura, energy, and want to be around you more often.  Your practice will eventually lead you to truthfulness, acceptance and honest self-love.

There is nothing more beautiful to witness than a connected and natural person about their emotional consciousness. Something is compelling and inspiring about that person when they hit this conscious level of self-awareness.


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