A Farewell Poem for 2023


As the year draws to a close, let us gather near, To bid farewell to 2023, a time held dear. With hearts aglow and spirits bright, We celebrate the season, shining with delight.

The holiday spirit fills the air, crisp and clear, As we embrace loved ones, drawing them near. Reflecting on the memories we've amassed, Grateful for the moments that have come to pass.

In unity, we stand, hand in hand, A tapestry woven across the land. Different paths we've walked, yet intertwined, Through joys and sorrows, we've all aligned.

'Tis the season of giving, love, and cheer, Spreading kindness far and near. A time to cherish and express our gratitude, For the blessings bestowed, both big and small, in magnitude.

In this festive hour, let us cherish the light, Guiding us through the winter's night. Embrace the warmth, the love, and the laughter, Creating memories that will forever thereafter.

As we embark on a holiday vacation's embrace, May joy and peace adorn every space. May hearts be filled with love's sweet sensation, And bring happiness to every generation.

Wishing you a season of love and mirth, With joy and harmony filling the earth. May the coming year be filled with cheer, And all your dreams and aspirations draw near.

So let us bid adieu to 2023's grand show, Grateful for the lessons it did bestow. As we enter a new chapter, bright and anew, May it bring blessings, possibilities, and dreams come true.

Farewell, 2023, with grateful hearts we say, Thank you for the moments that brightened our way. Wishing everyone a holiday vacation so divine, May 2024 shine with joy and goodness, intertwine.

From our hearts to yours, we send our cheer, Happy holidays to all, and a wonderful new year!


The Optimal Living Summit Team 


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