A Pumpkin Patch October poem for you...


In the pumpkin patch, where October resides, A poem of health and wellness shall arise. Amidst the fall's magic, let's intertwine, Pumpkin's power with wellness, divine.

Oh, pumpkin, nature's golden treasure, A symbol of nourishment, bringing pleasure. In its vibrant orange, a wealth of health, Let its benefits enhance our well-being's stealth.

Fiber, a gift from this autumn delight, Supports digestion, keeping us feeling light. With vitamins and minerals, it's replete, Boosting immunity, making us complete.

Roasted, pureed, or in a pie's embrace, Pumpkin's versatility we must embrace. Its delicious essence, a seasonal treat, Incorporate it into meals, wholesome and sweet.

The pumpkin's seeds, a true health gem, A source of nutrients, an edible stem. Rich in omega-3s, magnesium too, Supporting heart health, benefiting you.

In October's essence, let's make a pledge, To embrace wellness, and not just a hedge. Like the pumpkin's transformational path, Let us nourish our bodies, avoiding any wrath.

Exercise, like carving a pumpkin's design, Strengthens our bodies, our spirits align. Yoga's grace, like a vine's gentle crawl, Fosters flexibility, nurturing overall.

In pumpkin's glow, let stress dissipate, Find solace in practices that elevate. Meditation's embrace, a calm retreat, Quieting the mind, finding peace so sweet.

October's air whispers self-care's plea, Embrace the moments that set your soul free. A pumpkin-infused bath, soothing and warm, Relaxing our bodies, restoring their form.

Sleep, the crown jewel of wellness untold, Like a cozy pumpkin patch, our dreams unfold. Restful nights, nature's healing balm, Rejuvenating our spirits, restoring calm.

So, let the pumpkin be our wellness guide, In October's embrace, let our health reside. Nourish and move, finding balance anew, With pumpkin's essence, our wellness we pursue.

In this vibrant season, let's aspire, To carve our path with wellness, higher. For health and wellness, we take a stand, Embracing October, hand in hand.


The Optimal Living Summit Team 


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