Coming Soon: 8 steps to wellness online retreat program.

The unpredictable nature of COVID-19 has left many of us scrambling to adapt to a new way of life. Social distancing and adjusting our lives safely around the pandemic can be stressful, leaving us feeling anxious and no longer in control. 


Without the ability to get away for a relaxing vacation or rejuvenating retreat, Optimal Living Summit has created the perfect online staycation for you during this time of non-essential travel. Our Optimal Living Team has found an exciting way for you to take control of your financial, spiritual, and physical future with the 8 steps to wellness online retreat program!


The 8 steps to wellness online retreat program was designed to help you transform your life from the comfort of your own home. Are you ready to plan for the next step? Learn how to master the 8 essential aspects of wellness from financial independence to spiritual wellness.


By the end of this online retreat, you will have learned how to relax, let go of past hurts, and gained the tools to make those long-talked about changes in your life.


Learn how to better handle tragedy, adversity, depression, stress and anxiety from a calmer, more centred place so you are clear on exactly what you want and need to bring yourself every day to have peace and joy.


The 8 steps to wellness online retreat program is delivered to you in an easy to use a format that helps you succeed from the start. Each week we’ll discover a new aspect of wellness together, giving you the tools you need to transform your life.  


And you won’t be alone! When you enroll in the 8 steps to wellness online retreat program you become part of the Optimal Living Summit community, giving you exclusive access to the OLS member's Facebook group. Share your journey with others and connect to a community designed to support and uplift you.


Optimal Living Summit’s 8 steps to wellness online retreat program will be coming soon, click here to learn more!


Optimal Living Summit was designed to help people celebrate their unique self and use education to help “you”, gain more insight from a holistic approach. The vision behind Optimal is to truly support everyone’s health and happiness and live within their highest frequency.


In a world full of distraction and constant chaos, we believe in order to make a difference within any organization or community we must first start with the people.


Looking forward Optimal Living Summit will continue to provide real physical transformational retreats to Tobago in 2021.


Our Tobago retreat remains one of our most powerful and exciting retreat offerings, learn more about beautiful Tobago here.


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