Get moving and never lose sight!

Movement is just that - movement!  Get up and do something.  And when you do
something you enjoy, it can become a form of meditation.  There is no right answer, no
one thing that will speak to everyone. However, I have discovered that when you give
people the opportunity to tap into their inner child, move, and have fun, they don’t even
realize they are exercising and practicing mindfulness!

Discover for yourself what you can do to feel energized, alive and refreshed.  I don’t
need to tell you the benefits of exercise.  But maybe a reminder that “YOU WILL FEEL
BETTER when you move your body” would be helpful.

Have you ever been doing something you’ve enjoyed and lost track of time or realized
you weren’t thinking of anything else while doing it?  To me, that is meditation.  Being in
the moment, focused ON THAT moment!

This is what a DROM experience with Val will do.  It will get you out of your head and
into the moment.  You can’t help but have fun while moving and drumming to fun music,
feeling playful while the positivity surrounds you!

I don’t need to tell you what happens when someone is feeling good, energized and
happy….it’s common sense - someone who is inspired, feeling alive and well will be
empowered and inspired to show up doing their best and being their best!  

Isn’t that what any company would want??

Author, Val Shah
Photo courtesy of Inspiring Women Event


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