It’s our Birthday but the gifts are for YOU!

It's our Birthday, but the gifts are for YOU!

Our mission is always to provide knowledge and education at Optimal Living Summit through the Optimal Living brand. In the words of our Founder and CEO Michael Challenger, "In a world full of distraction and constant chaos, we believe in making a difference within any organization or community. We must first start with the people." And you, if you're reading this – you are our people. Thank you for joining us on our journey to focus on wellness and optimal living in our community, and thank you for celebrating with us.


This month, we're celebrating our community. The unpredictable nature of COVID-19 has left many of us scrambling to adapt to a new way of life, feeling anxious, isolated, and disconnected. We believe that although physical distancing is essential right now, social distancing is not the answer. Social connection is! Social distancing and adjusting our lives safely around the pandemic can be stressful. Let's take a break and get better acquainted with the OLS community.

Join us for a LIVE workshop on Thursday, October 29th, at 7:00 pm (EST) to meet the OLS team and hear about what's upcoming for the OLS Community. We are so ready to change the world, starting in your home… more details to come about our exciting new plans:

  • Hear from Optimal Living Summit Founder and CEO Michael Challenger and meet the team of professionals behind the scenes of OLS
  • Learn more about the OLS Wellness Collection – we've got some gifts that you'll love!
  • Explore what wellness looks like while living through a global pandemic and how OLS supports you during this time. We will focus on transforming your thoughts and habits, resetting and taking on new beginnings. Small changes toward an optimal lifestyle, OLS is bringing you exciting new programs coming soon! Learn about the No Fear Movement, 8 Steps to Wellness, The Secrets to Transform and Manifest Your Dreams, and more!

We are also giving away $500 worth of Optimal Living Summit Products. You do NOT want to miss this. You have to attend to win! So we will see you LIVE on Thursday, October 29th, at 7:00 pm (EST) in the Optimal Living Summit Zoom Room! (Click here for Zoom Link)

We hope you'll join us and continue to follow along this month as we focus on wellness and work. Thanks for being part of the OLS community!


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