Movement is Medicine by Alice Granovsky

As the world evolves into a new normal, more people look to holistic exercise/movement as a way to meet their overall wellness goals. 

Our team at Optimal stay ahead of the game and work steadily to come up with forward-thinking fitness programs and mind-body practices that keep you focused, balanced, and on top of your game. 

For the most part - the mindset of ‘movement is medicine’ is growing and people are doing their very best to combine mental health and physical exercise. Because at the end of the day, It’s really about moving your body and living a healthier life. 

In the fitness landscape, one of the biggest shifts we’re seeing is that exercise is going beyond achieving the perfect bikini body and towards sustainable fitness rather than get-fit-quick alternatives. 

We all secretly know that “normal fitness” isn’t coming back, and we all need to expand our perspective of fitness and health to include lifestyle medicine programs that lean into the power of nature within our own bodies. Whether you’re an employee or a business owner, a parent, grandparent or child, knowing how to harness the magic of the human body and mind can help you achieve powerful things and live the life you truly want. 

How does one stay connected to the power within themselves when everything around them is constantly changing? That’s where OLS comes into play. As a collective, this month, we’re going to spotlight health and fitness expert Alice Granovsky from the agency with a compelling webinar. We’ll discuss new lifestyle medicine programs, more mind-body services and that will help you attain a state of synergy and symmetry in body and mind as we move forward into 2022. 

By staying connected and following our conversations, you’ll understand the difference between Mind-Body Holism and how we can become even more aligned with ourselves during the most challenging times in our lives. 

Happy March to you all, and make sure to stay tuned with the Optimal Living Summit Team and the tools you’ll need to succeed truly. 

Let this month be the month you take your whole well-being into the future. 

Alice Granovsky
Health and Wellness Expert


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