Navigating May

May is more than just a month on the calendar; it's a tapestry woven with threads of awareness, health, and compassion. At Optimal Living Summit Health and Wellness Agency, we acknowledge the significance of these days, each carrying a unique importance for our well-being.

Ankylosing Spondylitis Awareness Month Understanding, Compassion, Support

This month sheds light on Ankylosing Spondylitis, urging us to learn, empathize, and support those affected by this chronic inflammatory condition.

Bladder Cancer Awareness Month Knowledge is Power

May emphasizes awareness about bladder cancer, empowering us to stay informed, promote early detection, and advocate for those facing this challenge.

Brain Tumour Awareness Month Hope, Support, Awareness

A month dedicated to raising awareness about brain tumors, encouraging support for patients and families, and fostering hope in the face of this complex health issue.

Celiac Disease Awareness Month Gluten-Free Awareness

May highlights Celiac Disease, prompting awareness about a gluten-free lifestyle, understanding the challenges faced, and supporting those managing this autoimmune condition.

Cystic Fibrosis Month Striving for Breath

This month, we stand with those affected by Cystic Fibrosis, raising awareness about the challenges they face and supporting research for better treatments and a cure.

GBS/CIDP Awareness Month Nerve Disorders Awareness

A month to educate about Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS) and Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP), emphasizing the need for understanding and support.

Hemochromatosis Awareness Month Iron Overload Awareness

May aims to increase awareness of Hemochromatosis, a genetic disorder causing iron overload, emphasizing early detection and management.

Hypertension Awareness Month Heart Health Matters

This month, we focus on the importance of understanding and managing hypertension, promoting heart health for a better quality of life.

Huntington Disease Awareness Month Hope, Research, Support

May recognizes Huntington Disease, fostering awareness, supporting affected individuals and families, and contributing to ongoing research for treatments.

Li-Fraumeni Syndrome/TP53 Awareness Month Genetic Awareness

This month highlights Li-Fraumeni Syndrome and TP53, promoting genetic awareness, early detection, and support for individuals and families facing this genetic disorder.

Lupus Awareness Month Lifting the Veil on Lupus

May brings attention to Lupus, urging us to understand this autoimmune disease, support those living with it, and contribute to research for improved treatments.

MedicAlert Month Emergency Preparedness

This month emphasizes the importance of MedicAlert, ensuring that individuals with medical conditions are prepared for emergencies with proper identification.

Melanoma and Skin Cancer Awareness Month Sun Safety Advocacy

May encourages awareness about melanoma and skin cancer, promoting sun safety practices and early detection for healthier skin.

MS Awareness Month Multiple Sclerosis Awareness

This month focuses on Multiple Sclerosis, fostering awareness, understanding, and support for individuals affected by this chronic neurological condition.

National Physiotherapy Month Movement Matters

May celebrates the role of physiotherapy in promoting movement, health, and rehabilitation for individuals seeking optimal physical well-being.

National Sun Awareness Month Sunscreen, Shade, Safety

This month calls for sun awareness, encouraging the use of sunscreen, seeking shade, and promoting overall sun safety for healthier skin.

Sexual Violence Prevention Month Empathy, Education, Prevention

May dedicates itself to sexual violence prevention, fostering empathy, educating communities, and advocating for measures to prevent sexual violence.

Speech and Hearing Month Communication Matters

This month acknowledges the importance of speech and hearing, emphasizing communication health, early intervention, and support for those with speech and hearing challenges.

Vision Health Month Eyesight Awareness

May emphasizes vision health, encouraging regular eye check-ups, raising awareness about common eye conditions, and promoting overall eye care.

National Physicians' Day - May 1 Celebrating Healing Hands

May begins by honoring physicians, recognizing their dedication, compassion, and the vital role they play in our health and well-being.

Mental Health Week - May 1 to 7 Breaking the Stigma

The first week of May focuses on mental health, promoting awareness, understanding, and breaking the stigma surrounding mental health challenges.

International Day of the Midwife - May 5 Honoring Midwifery

May 5 celebrates midwives and their invaluable contributions to maternal and newborn health, acknowledging their compassionate care and expertise.

World Pulmonary Hypertension Day - May 5 Breath of Life

This day raises awareness about pulmonary hypertension, highlighting the impact on breathing and advocating for better understanding and support.

National Child and Youth Mental Health Day - May 7 Nurturing Young Minds

May 7 prioritizes the mental health of children and youth, emphasizing early intervention, support, and nurturing environments for mental well-being.

Check Your Skin Day - May 8 Skin Health Check

May 8 reminds us to check our skin for any changes, promoting early detection of skin conditions, including skin cancer.

World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day - May 8 Humanitarian Commitment

This day acknowledges the humanitarian efforts of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, highlighting their commitment to alleviating suffering and providing support.

World Ovarian Cancer Day - May 8 Teal Ribbon Awareness

May 8 focuses on raising awareness about ovarian cancer, encouraging early detection, and supporting individuals and families affected by this disease.

World Lupus Day - May 10 Lupus Advocacy

May 10 is dedicated to raising awareness about lupus, advocating for better understanding, support, and research for improved treatments.

National Nursing Week - May 10 to 16 Celebrating Nurses

May 10 to 16 celebrates nurses and their unwavering commitment to patient care, recognizing their vital role in promoting health and well-being.

Canadian Viral Hepatitis Elimination Day - May 11 Eliminating Hepatitis

May 11 emphasizes the elimination of viral hepatitis, raising awareness about prevention, testing, and treatment for a healthier community.

International Awareness Day for Chronic Immunological and Neurological Diseases - May 12 Chronic Diseases Awareness

May 12 focuses on raising awareness about chronic immunological and neurological diseases, advocating for understanding, support, and research.

International Nurses Day - May 12 Honoring Nurses

May 12 honors nurses worldwide, recognizing their dedication, compassion, and invaluable contributions to healthcare.

Apraxia Awareness Day - May 14 Voice and Speech Advocacy

May 14 raises awareness about apraxia, advocating for individuals facing speech challenges and supporting their journey to communication.

Naturopathic Medicine Week - May 15 to 21 Holistic Wellness

May 15 to 21 celebrates naturopathic medicine, emphasizing a holistic approach to wellness and promoting natural remedies for optimal health.

World Hypertension Day - May 17 Blood Pressure Awareness

May 17 focuses on World Hypertension Day, urging us to monitor and manage blood pressure for overall cardiovascular health.

Parademic Services Week - May 21 to 27



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