Organize Your Life by Wendy Monteith

What Does Organizing Look Like to you? 

Pretty pantries, Clear bins and pretty labels, perfectly folded clothes and linens? Rainbow-organized bookshelves and closets? Minimalistic style? Purging everything because it’s driving you crazy? Or do you panic at the sheer thought of decluttering your precious piles of stuff, and making the decisions of what stays or goes?

What it looks like to me as a Professional Organizer … creating and implementing systems and solutions that increase flow and processes, ultimately saving time and money for the things you love. Transforming lives, alleviating stress and anxiety. Transforming Habits, behaviours and spaces to assist in getting clients organized and staying organized.

Organizing is a process, not a destination. Sure, getting that cupboard decluttered, labelled and looking picture-perfect feels good while it lasts, but if you have not tackled the root cause, habits and reasons that contributed to it getting out of hand in the first place, it will be right back to where you started within in days, weeks, months. 

Life is constantly changing, and we often need to organize and reorganize for each life transition/stage. Each season. There are seasons to relocate, change jobs, grow/merge families, upsize/downsize, birth/aging/death, and so on…

I’m not coming into your space to make you throw everything away, that does not necessarily get you organized. I’m also not there to “tidy up” and make your pantry pretty with expensive clear bins expand your carbon footprint and empty your wallet (although, I’m perfectly happy to do those jobs. The result is truly satisfying to my OCD). 

My passion and my philosophy is to organize for where you’re going, and not where you’ve been. Addressing the “how did all this get in here? And why.” Not just the physical “stuff”, but the time and habit commitment and habit clutter that contributes to holding you back, weighing you down from realizing life goals and dreams, or just plain disturbing your peace. Not always does everything need to go. Often when we purge in a hurry, we suffer from “tosser’s remorse”. We throw away something that we loved, or that was useful to us moving forward. 

Come and join me on Jun 30, 2022 at 7:00 pm ET / 4:00 pm PT and learn more about how organizing your life can completely change your future when accompanied by the right team of people who care about health and wellness.

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