Taking Pride in Emotional Intelligence

We want to take this month to work on our emotional wellness. So many things can affect your emotional wellness including sleep and stress, but we want to focus on the relationships and communication with yourself and with others. 
Emotional wellness is to be one with your feelings in a way that is curious, respectful, non-judgemental and accepting. We look around the world and hear so many disheartening things happening. Hatred towards one another, murder, abuse, hateful words. It’s a sad reality that this hatred still exists in our world. And sometimes even around backyard. It may be fair to say that so many these days do not have emotional wellness.

We want to take this opportunity to open up about this.

The month of June is Pride month. An entire month to celebrate diversity and inclusion of the LGBTQ2S+ community. We at 
Optimal Living Summit want everyone to know that no matter who you are, who you represent, why you identify as in the world, we love you.  We all have questions about each other, and it is OKAY to ask questions, in a respectful way. What is not ok is to judge someone else that you don't understand.

We know many of you, including ourselves, have questions as to what the acronyms mean. What is Pride all about? Who is represented and why an entire month? So this month, OLS is hosting an evening discussion at the end of June. During this night of inclusivity and understanding, we will all be learning about PRIDE and the LGBTQS2+ community. What better way to celebrate Pride and work on our own emotional intelligence.
More details to come! 

We also want to celebrate you! Are you part of the LGBTQS2+ Community and have a wellness story to share with our community? We want to be your voice!  During the rest of the month of June, please share your story with us by emailing us at info@optimallivingsummit.com . Include your IG handle and a photo.

The OLS family wants you to be proud of who you are. Be proud of your heritage. Be proud of where you’ve come from. Be proud of where you’re going. Because we are proud of you.  
In unity. In love. In wellness,
The OLS Family

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