What is Wellness?

We are so excited to be launching our Online Wellness Programs THIS WEEK to help people build and maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle! These programs are tools, a new way of looking at your life and evaluating and re-evaluating all aspects of your wellness.

One of the programs we are excited to launch is our 8 Steps to Wellness Online Retreat. This program has been created to guide people towards a healthy lifestyle. This program will help you find balance in all areas of your well-being.

Wellness can mean many things to many people. When we think of wellness, we need to understand that it means different things for a reason. Wellness means the overall current state of your body and mind. Using tools that can help you, as the 8 Steps to Wellness Online Retreat or our Optimal Living Summit Action Deck, can help you focus on the different pillars of wellness.

Currently, in our lives, we are focused and being affected by our social and financial wellness. Social wellness involves our relationship with others and ourselves. It is essential that staying at home and primarily communicating behind our screens is necessary to stay connected to our family, friends, coworkers, place of worship, and community.

Many people in our community have been experiencing financial struggles and hardships, and our program will focus on managing through these times and how to create balance. Other areas of focus vital to living a healthy lifestyle are occupational, physical, intellectual, environmental, spiritual, and emotional wellness.

What are people saying?.......        

 "I had the great the pleasure to join Optimal Living Summit for a retreat November 2019; I had a life-changing experience attending the various workshops and panel discussions. The group was friendly, welcoming, and diverse. We also had a chance to make connections with other folks who were on the ship vacationing. I would have gone again in fall 2020 had not been hit by the pandemic. Thank you to Michael Challenger and the staff of optimal living summit for a transformative experience. Looking forward to the next." - Renald Jean Pierre

"I was lucky enough to be invited to an incredible retreat in the Bahamas in 2019 organized by Optimal Living Summit. At first, I was a bit skeptical since I was a solo traveller and didn't know anyone except Michael. My skepticism lasted about 5 seconds. I met some incredible human beings, made new friends and connections. Everything from day one was very well organized, and the OLS team kept making sure everyone was having the best time. It truly was an amazing experience, and I am 100% planning to join the next retreat as soon as we can travel again!!!"   -Monika Hipperova


"OLS, I can't wait for the continuation of your in-person Summits. I have participated in a few of them already and over the past years. I must admit, the OLS team surpassed my expectation with the Cruise in the Bahamas. This transformation, engagement with top-notch professionals was an experience I will continue to reflect on. Best of both worlds. Thank you, Michael and the OLS team." - Garfield Andrews


We're sharing with our community tips to make changes you can make to regain control of your life. Join us for this webinar on Thursday, April 22, 2021, at 7 pm EDT / 4 pm PDT.

Join our online retreat with our host Michael Challenger, Founder and CEO of OLS, as he shares with you The Top 3 Changes You Can Make To Gain Control Of Your Life. Changes you can implement NOW to see changes in your health & Wellness.  Spaces are limited, so register to secure your spot at http://go.optimallivingsummit.com/webinar


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