You Deserve It: A Look at Financial Wellness

During the month of August, we at Optimal Living Summit are focusing on financial wellness. Financial wellness is often connected to other areas of wellness, but do you know how?

Let start by understanding what financial wellness is. Financial wellness is essentially your overall satisfaction with your financial situation. Whether it be your current situation or your planning for the future, money can be stressful for many people. It is usually a primary worry for people when it comes to all aspects of their lives. As we all know, anxiety and stress can affect all aspects of your overall wellness and your total balance.

It is important to realize that money is energy, and we need to focus on the abundance in the world versus what we do not have. It is human nature to desire money, but are you attracting it?

We have told you many times before, that your mind and determination are powerful. No matter what is going on in the environment, you can attract whatever you want, and you just have to believe it.

If you are connected to the idea that you deserve wealth, success, and a beautiful life, then your actions will change so that you can attract the right things for you. You must understand that you have full control of what you think and what you deserve.

Next time you find yourself anxious or worried about money, they this mantra.

I DESERVE wealth.
Money DOES NOT define happiness.
I HAVE a beautiful life.

Looking for more ways to achieve life balance and overall wellness including your financial wellness? Check out our 8 Steps to Wellness Online Retreat where you will learn all about how each pillar of wellness affects the best.

Yours in heath & wellness,

The Optimal Living Summit Family


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