Organize, Maximize, and Energize: Taking Advantage of The Space We Live In.

With many of us spending the majority of our time at home during the COVID-19 outbreak, now is the perfect time to organize, maximize, and energize the spaces we live in! 

 Many of us have been looking for more structure since social isolation began. Organizing your living space is a great way to build structure and routine into your daily schedule without having to step outside. When we organize and clean, we are moving and our bodies and keeping our minds active.

 While we are all spending so much time indoors, keeping our homes organized and less chaotic also helps us maximize the space we have for work and wellness. Coincidentally, a clean and organized space helps us feel energized and motivated and aids in reducing stress and anxiety

 Are you ready to organize, maximize, and energize the space you’re living in? Then follow along below!


 Start with a deep clean

Come spring, it’s usually time to do a deep clean on your home both inside and out. If you haven’t already, now is a great time for a thorough cleaning of your living space. Prioritize health and safety by dedicating a little extra time to cleaning high-traffic areas in the house, like your entranceway, hallways, and doorknobs both inside and out. 

Also, consider the items coming in and out of your home every day like your purse, backpack or house keys. Try to avoid placing these items or other items like grocery bags on the kitchen table or counters, where food is prepared and eaten. Keeping your living space clean and safe is good for your mental health and helps you feel energized!



Organize your workspace  

 Now that your living space is clean, consider how you can organize your space in a way that supports a healthy working mindset. First, create a designated workspace or home office to help you stay productive and organized. 

 With so many of us now working remotely creating a home office has become essential. However, setting up a great home office isn’t easy; our homes are full of new distractions and it’s easy to get sidetracked. 

 When setting up your home office consider finding an area of the home that is private and quiet. Find the right lighting by working in a room with a window and create a comfortable work surface using a desk or table. If you don’t have a desk, consider using a nightstand or two filing cabinets with a board across them. Rather stand? Try using the kitchen counter or an ironing board so you can alternate between sitting and standing during the day. 

To help you keep your work life separate from your home life, keep all your work in your workspace. Establish set hours of work, and stick to them as best you can. It’s easy to keep working when you’re at home, which can leave you feeling overwhelmed and tired. 

Keeping your workspace clean and organized so that your most productive energy can flow freely. Energize your new workspace by keeping it clean and organized. Once you’ve settled into a good routine you may that working from home is a great fit!



Organize your wellness space  

Organizing a space for wellness is just as important as organizing our workspace. Regardless of the size of your home or where you’re living, creating a designated wellness space is a great way to help keep you feeling balanced amongst all the change. Here are a few simple ways you can create a wellness space that works for you:

 Start with a few indoor plants. Indoor plants provide many benefits, cleaning the air while they boost your mood at the same time. Many common house plants, like peace lilies and ferns, can remove toxins from the air, and help keep your wellness space feeling fresh.

The colour of your space also plays a significant role in your mood and energy. Warm colours, like red and yellow energize a space, while cool tones are better for areas dedicated to peace and relaxation. If possible, build your wellness space in an area where there are neutral tones and natural light.

 Add comfortable chairs and pillows if you have them and throw some soft blankets on the floor as well. Bringing your yoga mat into your wellness space is also a great idea, as parks and fitness studios are now closed and we’re all craving a little more movement. Try to move mindfully and peacefully in your practice, using this space to recharge and re-center.

 Finally, if you have access to items like a sound bowl or oil diffuser, bringing these items into your wellness space can be the cherry on top of a well-balanced space. Try using soothing scents like lavender, orange and Ylang Ylang. Playing peaceful music is another great option as is helps relax the mind and reduce stress. 



 Throw a party, virtually! 

 Now that you’ve organized, maximized, and energized your space it’s time to share it with your friends! Try throwing a virtual house party to celebrate your newly maximized space. Apps like Houseparty are a great alternative to Facetime, making it possible for you to throw virtual house parties with your friends and family. 

 For the time being social isolation has changed the way we interact. It’s important that we stay safe and healthy but also that we stay connected. Once your new living space is ready to show off, connect face to face with those you care about the most.


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